Attract, reward and retain key executive talent.

Having carefully aligned strategies for executive compensation and benefits is essential to sustained organizational success.

Whether managing a family owned business, a closely held business or a public company, SFI Advisors has experience in how financial strategies in Executive compensation and benefits, supports organizational growth and profitability while providing stability and incentives within an executive team.

Strategic Executive Benefit Plan Review

In today’s competitive business environment companies are seeking ways to complement core compensation strategies with targeted executive benefit programs that help those select participants to build and protect wealth. SFI Advisors’ Strategic Executive Benefit Plan Review service assist companies to evaluate their existing offerings and creates a framework to create programs that:

  • Align executive incentives with corporate objectives
  • Recruit executive talent
  • Define goals and reward success
  • Establish benchmarks
  • Retain key executives
  • Help build and preserve wealth

SFI’s Strategic Executive Benefit Plan Review service will review your current offerings to your executive team within the context of corporate goals and current market conditions. Review can include the following areas:

  • Non-qualified deferred compensation planning
  • Supplemental executive retirement plans
  • Key man insurance planning
  • Stock option planning and incentive compensation
  • Executive disability plans
  • Executive long-term care
  • Financial planning services tailored for executives

To support a specific and immediate areas of concern any of above can be delivered independently.