Plan your exit so you leave your business in style.

Planning for the successful exit of an owner or key person from your business is essential to sustained success.

Every business owner, at some point, leaves their business. Whether a sale to a third party, or a transfer to an insider such as key person or family member SFI Advisors has experienced how well thought through exit strategies can help you realize maximum value for your ownership interests.

Strategic Succession Review

Thousands of companies will transition ownership and leadership over the coming decade. Many businesses do not have a plan for the current ownership to successfully exit and transition the business. SFI Advisors Strategic Succession Review service helps you and the business to:

  • Define the owner’s or executive’s exit objectives
  • Establish a framework to review and refine the exit plan
  • Motivate owners to execute the plan
  • Realize maximum value from the business
  • Evaluate tax planning alternatives
  • Instill confidence and success within succession

SFI Advisors Strategic Succession Review service centers on the goals the business must achieve for you or a key person to leave it in style. With over 45 years of working with successful organizations, SFI Advisors team of professionals have extensive experience into the multi-faceted aspects of succession planning. Reviews can include the following areas:

  • Buy-sell planning
  • Business valuation planning
  • Merger and acquisition support
  • Preparing for and structuring the business sale
  • ESOP and qualified retirement plan strategies
  • Identifying and preparing your successor
  • Compensation strategies and golden handcuffs
  • Key person planning

To support a specific and immediate areas of concern any of above can be delivered independently.